Do I need an appointment?2019-10-04T14:49:52-05:00

Yes please! We want to give you and your loved ones our undivided attention as we help you find the perfect gown. We can only accommodate 3 appointments at a time, so to ensure that we have a fitting room available we ask that appointments are booked ahead of time. Our hours vary depending on our appointment bookings, so if you are planning to just come and take a browse please call ahead of time to ensure that we are open.

How long are appointments?2019-10-04T14:49:30-05:00

Appointment times vary from 60 – 90 minutes but not longer. If you feel like you need a longer time we will gladly book you in for a follow up appointment. Please be advised that if you are booked for a second or Third appointment you will be booked for 45 min follow up.

What should I bring to my appointment?2019-10-04T14:48:39-05:00

Our dresses are pre-molded with cups so it is definitely up to you, if you would like to bring a strapless bra. Nude undergarments are good and if you decide to bring a pair of shoes, bring something similar in height that you would wear the day of. We ask that if you are planning to wear makeup, please keep it light to help keep our gowns in mint condition.

Who and how many people should I bring to my appointment?2019-10-04T14:48:18-05:00

We know that you want to include everyone in your shopping experience so that feelings are not hurt. We do ask that you bring no more than five people in your entourage, as sometimes too many opinions can be overwhelming on the search for the perfect gown. Keeping your group of family and friends on the smaller side will also make sure that everyone stays comfortable in our lounge. If you know that there will be more people in your group please give us a call and we will definitely try to accommodate your group.

What is your purchasing process at Bliss?2019-10-04T14:47:40-05:00

Once you are ready to commit to your gown, we will take your measurements and go to the designer size chart. At the time of ordering, we will require a 50% non-refundable deposit, with the remaining balance due when the dress arrives. Once your gown arrives we will give you a call to notify you of arrival. We ask that you pick up your dress within ten days of being notified. Alternatively, if you are unable to come in we can have it shipped to you, though you may incur extra fees.

What sizes are your samples in?2019-10-04T14:46:22-05:00

Our sample sizes vary from designer to designer. Some samples fit smaller than others or vice versa. Please keep in mind we clip a dress to give you a feeling of how it will fit and flow properly. Generally speaking, our sample sizes ranges from a 10-14.

How does sizing work at your boutique?2019-10-04T14:45:36-05:00

Every gown that you order will require some alterations so that it fits you perfectly. This could be as simple as a hem shortening, or you may require more extensive adjustments. Each of our designers has their own size chart. We will take the appropriate measurements needed; bust, waist and hips (some designers may need more information) from there we will go to the size chart and see where your measurements fall into.

Please be aware that you will If you are in between sizes it is our professional opinion that you go with size larger as it is always easier to take a dress in then it is to release it. At the time of ordering if you are wanting to go with size that was not the one recommended you may do so but you will be responsible if the size does not fit and will have to initial your order.

Do you offer alterations?2019-10-04T14:45:09-05:00

We have an Alteration department on-site that is available to brides that purchase their gowns from Bliss. Our seamstresses are self-employed; therefore, alterations are a separate cost from that of the gown. You may ask for a quote before the alterations commence from the seamstress.

What price do your gowns start at?2019-10-04T14:44:31-05:00

Our curated collection starts at $2,000-$7000, with the majority falling somewhere between $2,300 and $4,500.

Are we allowed to bring food or drinks to our appointment?2019-10-04T14:43:48-05:00

We would like our dresses to stay in pristine condition. Therefore, we don’t allow outside food in appointments. You are more than welcome to bring a bottle of champagne but please call the shop to make arrangements.